Sun, 13 Oct 2013

pinpoint for presentations: patch .:.permalink.:.

I can't stand powerpoint and openoffice isn't much better for presentations, especially if you're on linux. I ran into pinpoint and it looked great! Away I went happily making a presentation, backgrounds, etc. all good until..speaker mode.

Running pinpoint -s puts up two windows, one with the presentation and one with the speaker notes, preview of upcoming slide, timer, etc. Cool! But for some reason on my boxens it also creates flickering text when moving from one slide to the next...rats.

Patching to the rescue: I spent longer than I should have ferreting out a workaround and offer the attached patches if you run into the same issue. I've attempted to sign up to the pinpoint mailing list and will contribute them there as well so hopefully they make it into the tree, or someone brighter than me contributes a permanent solution.

patch 1: source changes to hide text before transition
patch 2: transition change to increase time of fade.json

Posted at: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 | category: /itsec